Tea Diplomacy

Nurturing a more peaceful future

by creating a circle of sukisha 

who inherit the Japanese spirit of harmony

and share it with the world. 

Sakura Cha Meet

is a UN Alliance member NGO

that promotes
mutual understanding

and harmony

through global tea diplomacy.


20.08.15 Upcoming Online Event:
Kuchikiri Tea Ceremony,
Connecting Japan to the World
Details to be announced in early October.
20.07.01 Joined Nagoya City's
Chamber of Commerce
20.02.29 2019 Fiscal Year Review Held
20.02.25 Student League Workshop
at American University
20.02.07 Speech at the Embassy of Japan
in Israel
20.02.03 Speech at University of Texas,
San Antonio
20.07.01 Joined Nagoya City's
Chamber of Commerce

a moment that fosters mutual understanding
across the culture


The essence of the tea ceremony is 

harmony and creativity.

Today, we think tea ceremony tends to
focus on form.

But we believe and promote that having

the spirit to enjoy tea 

is most important.

The world needs more love and tea

Sakura Cha Meet
is a United Nations NGO Alliance member

a sukisha 数寄者 network

around the world

Tea culture aims to create a harmonious, peaceful space in our hearts.

Tea embodies the spirit of caring for others. If this concept is ingrained in the hearts and minds of people around the world, we can make progress towards global peace.

Today, we continue the legacy of the Japanese tea ceremony by building a sukisha network of tea-loving people who share this harmony around the world.

Please consider joining our organization as an official member.
Our tea diplomacy relies on grassroots support.

We hope you can join our efforts. 

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